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Resurrecting an Easter Classic: Carrot Cake Makeover

You might’ve thought good ol’ carrot cake was dead and gone. Well have a little faith my friends. It is Easter after all, and what better way to celebrate than by resurrecting a classic. Traditional carrot cake gets a makeover this week with some funky, yet festive, frosting techniques that are all the rage this […] Read more…


Gimmie Samoa These Cupcakes

So, I’m super confused. It’s still February, and I went to the pool this weekend. Meanwhile, all of my friends back in DC still have blizzards on the brain. It’s not spring, but it’s certainly not winter – at least not how I’ve come to think of it the past 5 years of my life. I knew I […] Read more…


“Boo”zy Chocolate Covered Raspberry Cupcakes

A little Halloween trivia for y’all. Q: What’s red, black, and boozy all over? No, this is not a trick. The answer, however, IS a treat… A: These cupcakes! Congratulations, you cracked the code. But with chocolate, raspberry filling, and some crafty booze infusion, these could really be the answer to practically any question you ask. What, were you expecting […] Read more…