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“Boo”zy Chocolate Covered Raspberry Cupcakes

A little Halloween trivia for y’all. Q: What’s red, black, and boozy all over? No, this is not a trick. The answer, however, IS a treat… A: These cupcakes! Congratulations, you cracked the code. But with chocolate, raspberry filling, and some crafty booze infusion, these could really be the answer to practically any question you ask. What, were you expecting […] Read more…


Raspberry Curd and a Case of Spring Fever

It wasn’t until I moved to DC that I really came to understand the meaning of “spring fever.” Experiencing a very real, prolonged, snow-filled winter can really drive a Florida girl to the brink of crazy, so when the temperatures FINALLY creep their way into the high sixties (which, by the way, still meant tights when […] Read more…